Top 3 Windows OS Alternatives to the MacBook Pro

If the new MacBook Pro didn’t turn out to be the device of your dreams, you might already be hunting for an alternative in the Windows waters. This is ever so true to anyone who hasn’t bought Apples wireless and USB-C connectivity. Apple seems to be pushing the philosophy so hard to the extent that anyone who doesn’t fancy the idea has no idea but to look elsewhere.

… And look we did for a while before coming with these sensible Windows replacements that will definitely leave even the most refined users smiling.

Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 has a pleasant minimal bezel, a solid keyboard, sensible trackpad and a presentable outlook. Couple this with its 10 hour lifespan and Intel’s 7th generation processors and you could easily match or surpass the MacBook Pro performance. You can get the regular 8GB/256GB package for about $1,199 or opt for the 3200×1800 touchscreen model at $1449. All are cheaper than the MacBook Pro. You will also get the SD card reader and two regular USB ports.

HP Spectre

I have talked of the HP Spectre before and marveled at its overall build and the amazing performance thanks to its impressive innards. As the reigning thinnest laptop in the world, it sure is the best way to look cool without sacrificing performance or connectivity.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft will always have a slot in the Windows 13-inch computers since it launched its Surface line. The refreshed Surface Book offers you longer battery life, a heftier processor and most importantly dedicated Nvidia graphics to bring that HD display to life. The fact that it is a transformer and the top is detachable to form a Windows tablet makes it an even better bargain.

While Mac OS fanboys will still feel uncomfortable treading the Windows waters, it’s still soothing to know there’s somewhere to turn to just in case you feel Apple is getting too futuristic and is forcing you to revolutionize your gadget and accessory life faster than you can afford to.

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