Oster Versa Blender Review: Priced Right For Power and Size

Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa 1100-watt Professional Performance Blender Review

Hi Guys, today I'm reviewing the Oster Versa Performance blender. LINK to Oster Versa: http://amzn.to/2dcxGXn The blender measures 17 inches tall and 6 ...

The Oster Versa is yet another in the sub-$200 blender market that attempts to use ingenuity and a few shortcuts to produce the same level of consistency and product that the $500+ Vitamix blender puts out on a daily basis. But does that effort pay off without making you pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of a cold breakfast shake every morning?

Read on in my Oster Versa 1400 series blender review to find out!


Price: $174.98 on Amazon
Available: Now

Summary: The Oster Versa is a budet-priced powerhouse which may look a little awkward on some counters, but should fit right in with the techy crowd no problem.

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Priced right for its power and size.

What We Liked

  • Unique design
  • Simple operation
  • Decent power for the price

What We Didn’t

  • No locking mechanism for base/pitcher
  • Ice results were mediocre

Oster Versa Blender

Simple controls are the best to have when you’ve got messy hands

Oster Versa 1400 Series Blender Specs

Oster Versa 1400 Series Blender
Power 1400-Watt
Included Jar Size 1 x 64oz pitcher
Loudness Rating 83.4.3dB dry, 101.3dB smoothie, 109.8dB ice
Max Warranty Lifetime (upgradable for $)
Price $174.98


When I first pulled the Versa out of the box, I have to admit I was a little taken aback by just how…well…shamelessly Oster ripped off Tesla with all its design accents. Everything from the base of the unit to the lettering on the side of the pitcher just scream “Elon Musk-approved”, and while I certainly can’t blame them for trying to emulate one of the best technology companies on the scene today, just a bit more subtlety here would have been appreciated. Overall I don’t mind the look, and think everything is a bit more refined than what we’ve seen on competitors like the Ninja. Less clutter, more focus on getting the job done; everything you could want in a kitchen appliance.

Oster Versa Blender

One of these things is almost exactly like the other…

At 9.3 x 10 x 17.5 inches around and just under 12lbs standing weight, the Oster Versa was just small enough to fit underneath our cabinets, and slid easily enough from where it was being stored to a place where we could actually use it on the counter.

Between the similarly priced NutriNinja Duo and the Oster Versa, the Oster was definitely the more “sturdy” feeling of the two, with a rubberized grip on the 64oz pitcher and more of an industrial approach to how the controls are handled on the front of the unit. A lot of what’s happening here is reminiscent of the the Vitamix approach – simplicity over all else.


The Oster Versa 1400 series blender system uses – if you hadn’t already guessed from the name – a 1400-Watt motor to buzz and blend through any ingredients you send its way. A single, hefty dial handles all the manual controls, and works just as you would expect it to with a quick clockwise turn dictating the level of blending power between 1-10.

Other than that, there are just four circular buttons at the base of the dial, one for each preset: Smoothie, Soups, Dip/Spread, and Pulse. To get the blender running we only had to plop the container on top of the gear driver, which fit well enough but didn’t have any sort of locking mechanism to keep the pitcher locked to the base.

Oster Versa Blender

Ice vs. Smoothie

Personally I don’t mind this as it makes it easier to get the blender on and off quickly, but anyone with kids should steer clear of this blender if they don’t like cleaning up 64oz of spilled boiling hot soup. Seriously, even the slightest push is enough to send the entire top-half of the blender tumbling onto the floor. Again, this is fine for people like me who basically spent the first year of their cooking career living in front of a blender (15 gallons of carrot soup per night – just as fun as it sounds), but as a general rule you don’t want to buy a blender that might tip over completely if a breeze blows the wrong way.

As always when we test a new blender, we first ran it through the ice test to see what kind of consistency it could put out on a dry run. The result was about 90% fine-ground snow, however there was still about 10% left that was filled with larger chunks about the size of a pea.

When we turned on the smoothie setting, we got mixed results (pun fully intended). On the one hand when we ran the smoothie with ingredients only (kale, frozen fruit, banana and almond milk), we got a buttery smooth consistency that was reminiscent (though not quite as smooth) as what we got with the Vitamix. However once we added some ice to the mix to cool things down, we got the result you see above. Somehow many of the ingredients separated, and we were left with a chunky film of bubbles on top, and nearly empty almond milk settled at the bottom.


Oster Versa Loudness

Of all the sub-$200 blenders we’ve tested thus far, the Oster Versa was definitely one of the quietest. Now that’s not to say it’s quiet, per se, just quieter.

We ran the Oster Versa through three separate tests to determine its loudness profile: once dry with the 64oz pitcher, one with ice, and once in the smoothie cup filled with various smoothie ingredients. Of those runs the smoothie tests was the quietest, thanks to the muffling effect of the ingredients weighing down on the blade assembly. At the peak RPM we read a dB rating of 74.6, a number which climbed to around 98.7dB during the dry run.

Unsurprisingly the ice test was the worst offender of the bunch, registering an ear-splitting 102.1dB from over 5ft away. If you make smoothies early in the morning before your family is up you might be able to get away with it without waking anyone, but it’ll probably be a good idea to hold off on that 6AM margarita until daylight hours at the very least.

Wrap Up

Overall the Oster Versa performed just as you expect a sub-$200 blender might, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Personally I was a fan of the brave design choices that the Versa goes with (no matter how much they resemble a Tesla logo), and although its smoothie performance could have a been a bit better, it was still well and above beyond what we’d expect out of a blender at this price.

If you’re stuck between the Nutri Ninja iQ and the Oster Versa, as long as you don’t need an additional food processor or smoothie cups added on top, this is definitely the model to get.

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Oster BLSTVB-104-000 Versa Professional Performance Blender, 1100-watt

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  • Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
  • Jar : 8-cup BPA-free Tritan plastic durable dishwasher-safe jar
  • Powerful: 1100 watt motor for blending smoothies, whole juices, shakes
  • Patented Dual Direction Blade Technology: Blades alternate forward & backward, drawing food & frozen ingredients into the blade
  • Control: Combination of manual settings for precise control as well as pre-programmed settings so it can do the thinking for you

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass Jar and Chopper (58149)

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  • 700-watt peak power
  • Mess-free spout
  • 3 cup chopping bowl
  • 2 speeds plus pulse
  • Stainless steel blades

Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

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  • 1000 watts of professional performance power and sleek design
  • Makes drinks and smoothies in seconds with total crushing technology
  • Includes a safety feature that keeps the blades from spinning unless lid is secured
  • BFA free and contains dishwasher safe parts

Oster Simple Blend 100 10-Speed Blender with Blend and Go Cup, Black

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  • 10 Speeds, 700 Power Watts and 450 Blending Watts
  • Chop and Grind with Stainless Steel Blade
  • Pulse Feature for Precise Blending Control
  • Blend with 6-cup Dishwasher Safe BPA-Free Plastic Jar
  • 3 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Black (51103)

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  • 14 oz. capacity
  • Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & more
  • Travel lid lets you drink from the jar
  • Blend and drink in the same jar for less mess
  • Compact storage, jar stores upside down and cord wraps around base

Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups BL660

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  • Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups has 1100 watts of professional performance power with 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.
  • 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.
  • Two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with To-Go Lids are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich drinks to take on the go.
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts.
  • Includes one 1100-watt base, 72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher, and two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with To-Go Lids.

BLACK+DECKER BL2010BG Countertop Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 10 Speed Settings, Black

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  • 4-Tip Stainless Steel Blade - The multi-level stainless steel blade blends at multiple levels to improve efficiency and blending power
  • 10 Speed Settings with Pulse - Find the right consistency for everything you make with a range of blending speeds and a 550-watt motor
  • 6-Cup Glass Jar - Easy to handle with a PerfectPour spout that eliminates drips and spills
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts
  • Measuring Lid Insert - The clear lid insert doubles as a 1-ounce measuring cup, perfect for making iced mixed drinks

GRECOOK Professional Series Blender Living High-Speed Food Processor Blenders Kitchen Machine 2.5L(Red, 110V)

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  • Features a powerful 2HP motor for optimal blending capabilities.Revolutionary touch and swipe technology for ease of operation
  • 5 pre-set programs to take the guesswork out of the equation for blending perfection - programs include: smoothie, soup, grinding, ice creams, chopping, hot beverages, cold beverages
  • Features GRECOOK's EPT (Enzyme Protection Technology) so that vital nutrients and enzymes are not lost by overheating your food.Uniquely designed Japanese Stainless Steel 6 pronged blade system allows for more effective blending. Two central blades create a "whirlpool" effect and ensure thorough blending, even with the most tough ingredients
  • Comes with a super strong BPA Free Tritan jug that is free from harmful toxins, is practically unbreakable and has handy measurements on the side for precision measuring
  • 10 year warranty on the motor, 3 years on parts or 1 year commercially! Our customers agree, this blender really is the advanced kitchen blender on the market! A powerful kitchen tool with an intelligent design that is both sleek and stylish. The Living Food Blender is truly the "next generation blender".

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Purple (51131)

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  • Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & moregreat for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes & more
  • Stainless steel blades
  • One-Touch blending
  • Compact storage: jar stores upside down and cord wraps around base
  • Bpa free in food zones

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

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  • Chop, mix, blend
  • Whip, grind & more
  • Cups & lids top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 10 Second Recipes Book
  • Magic Bullet

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender with 5 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Black (56206)

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  • Powerful ice crushing with patented Ice Sabre blades
  • The perfect one-touch smoothie
  • Patented Wave Action system for smooth results without stirring
  • 700 Watts peak power
  • Unique, no-mess pouring spout
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