Why Own A Kindle Reader if You Own a Smartphone/ iPad

You can install the Kindle app on your phone, iPad or even PC. It sounds counter intuitive to invest in a Kindle Reader especially since the smartphone or tablet will give you more functionality. Well. Not really. There’s a couple of reasons why you should opt for a kindle reader. Here are the best.

Gives You the Right Motivation

Reading from your smartphone or tablet could be a bit distracting. Buying a reader will cement your decision to read. It will push you to doing the right thing at the right time. The less distractions and mental motivation will push you to reading more.

The e-Ink Screen is Easy to Read

Kindle reader screens have a trademark e-ink screen. This mimics the traditional paper look meaning that you can reader more and for longer. The screen doesn’t give the glare you expect from the backlit LCD screen devices.

Light and Super slim

With less hardware to pack, the Kindle readers tend to be super slim and easier to carry. The Kindle Oasis, for instance, is just 4.6 oz. this is super light on the hand and in the pocket. Holding it up while reading is just like holding a paperback. Packing it is even more careful.

Dedicated Read Buttons and Features

Since the reader is dedicated to making your reading experience even better. Pressure tapping the bezel will seamless turn the page. Dedicated page turn buttons and revolutionary LED lighting makes it a more dedicated reader, a better device than your tablet or smartphone.

Longer Battery Life

While your smartphone or tab can barely last a day on a single battery, the Kindle E-readers can go weeks, some almost two months on a single charge. Even though this shouldn’t be a great plus to someone who is ever connected, it is a great advantage to holiday makers or travelers who really don’t have the time to keep recharging their reader after every few hours.

Choosing the right Kindle e-reader will not only give you the best experience but also give you a reason to set aside a couple of hours each day and do some serious nondistracted reading. That’s the greatest advantage the reader brings to your life compared to using a smartphone, tablet or iPad.


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