iPhone 7 Compatible Selfie Sticks – Top 4 Deals

It’s official. The iPhone 7 might not be compatible with your regular earphone jack selfie sticks. This is why you have to look for a Bluetooth or any other compatible selfie stick that will help you push the iPhone 7’s amazing photography to the limit. Here is a couple of the best selfie sticks that will be compatible with your iPhone 7.

The Mpow Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick

This miniature yet effective selfie sticks that are sizeable enough to accompany you to any place. The Bluetooth connectivity means that it doesn’t need any wires and would work with anything that has a Bluetooth connection and the right software. A rotatable u clamp will fit neatly around your iPhone 7.

The Spigen Selfie Stick

A rubber coating to protect your brand new iPhone, a stick that can extend to an impressive 31-inches and swivel to 270 degrees gives you impressive shooting angles for great photos at all times. A microUSB port lets you charge up the built-in battery that will give you a decent number of hours while out enjoying yourself.

Anker Selfie Stick

A lightweight aluminum frame offers the rigidity needed to bear the brunt of daily use while its 29-inch extend range makes it an impressive piece in my list. The most impressive thing about this selfie stick is the20-hourr battery life. This is quite impressive since it means you can shoot an impressive full day before having to recharge your selfie stick using the microUSB port.

Xsories Selfie Stick

This will give you a 36-inch extendable stainless steel stick with easy to hold silicon grips. Collapsing it will get it to an acceptable 9 inches making it equally good for tagging along. You get a highly adaptable clamp that will not only be enough for your iPhone 7 but will also adjust to take the device in landscape or portrait mode. A remote control extends your reach letting you take even better photos from longer distances.

Selfie sticks are becoming a necessity in the modern smartphone world. Choosing one that will hold its own no matter the device you attach it to is the key to enjoying your photos better.


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