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Hackers Now Target Apple Devices Due to Their History of Vulnerabilities

Apple devices have earned a reputation over the years. One of the aspects for earning such respect is security. Although most users would still hold to their belief that devices from Apple are secure, it is worth noting that they are not totally invulnerable. Given that possibility of these devices having some loopholes on how they prevent unauthorized access, hackers have made them their top targets.

Such vulnerability is now clear based on Thursday news. The news was about the vulnerabilities that security researchers discovered in iOS. With the discovery of Trident, the major trio vulnerability, Apple was swift to release a patch for it. However, the worrying details are that the devices have been with the vulnerability for years through which hackers have been exploiting.

Given the above details, it would be wise to go ahead and install the latest update from Apple as a way of boosting the security level of your iPhone or any other iOS device. The update is important since it fixes major vulnerabilities. For instance, hackers would easily take advantage of the existing backdoors to intercept your emails, listen to your calls, and read your text messages without your knowledge.

To security experts, the news about the above vulnerabilities was just a confirmation of what they already knew. However, the same cannot be said of the loyal following Apple has. Apple device users share a totally different story thanks to the seeds of confidence the company had planted.

Seeds of Confidence in the Security Level of Apple Devices

For instance, in the 2000s, the company was active in running a series of ads whose aim was to prove how Windows PCs were vulnerable to viruses. At the same time, the ads showed the great experiences that Mac users enjoy in terms of robust security. From a user’s point of view, the ads succeeded in portraying that picture.

On the contrary, the situation has been different in the recent years. The company has had to deal with its iOS vulnerabilities and being public about the same. You will all remember the recent incident where Apple and the FBI were at loggerheads over the issue of cracking the iPhone. The electronics giant took a strong stance and vowed not to allow any backdoors. Apple had to take such a move in order to win the confidence of its customers regarding security.

Despite boosting of having secure devices, security experts are also on the same page about the steps that Apple is taking to ensure their devices are less vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. Despite the Thursday vulnerability announcement, Apple users are confident they are in safe hands. After all, the attack was the effort of highly skilled and sophisticated hackers. Anyway, it is now clear that Apple devices can be vulnerable.

As a result, hackers now view devices from Apple in a different way as before. Such hackers probably had a different view during the Mac versus Windows ads. Currently, they have the sense of being able to exploit iOS. In addition, there is nothing like perfect security when it comes to systems. At the same time, Apple is now aware of the shift in mindset. Most certainly than not it will be adding more security layers to its devices. As such, users have nothing big to worry about.

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