What Do We Expect in the New Retina MacBook Pro?

The Retina MacBook sits at the very edifice of Apple portable computers. With the next major update expected to go live this fall, we can just but guess what it will be like. The usual suspects are a thinner body (modern day gadgets are turning into a thinness fetish,) a livelier screen, better processing capabilities and maybe a Touch ID enabled touch panel.

With insider news hinting on Apple trying to finish up preparing macOS 10.12.1 before launching the 13 and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros, we can safely expect a late October or early November launch.

Design Look Rumors

The Pros are rumored to have a thinner form factor and weigh less. It might also feature less aggressive curves around the edges, a flatter easy to use the keyboard and a bigger trackpad that will most definitely be touch sensitive.

An OLED Display to Replace Some Keyboard Keys

The display panel goes by the name Dynamic Function Row. It will replace the function keys at the top of the keyboard and might be contextual, changing functionality depending on the app you are currently running.

In addition to this, you will also get USB-C with second generation USB 3.1 that can support up to 10Gb/s transfer speeds, Thunderbolt 3 and Touch ID button most probably integrated with the power button.

This will by far be the greatest upgrade to the MacBook Pro models ever. We should expect significant changes bot in design concepts, functionality, connectivity and actual processing power.

A possible metal injection mold hinges and butterfly mechanism keys on the keyboard that is popular on the 12-inch MacBook might make it to the pro as these changes will help make the machine even thinner.

We all expect the new releases to be way better than the remakes we got after the March 9, 2015 Spring Forward event. Apple will definitely play around with the design, hardware and performance to give us a light, compact and wieldy machine that is as useful and lovable as any other high-end portable computer in the market.

Hopefully, the Pros will be sleeker, faster and more loveable.

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