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Chromecast Ultra Review – Amazing Performance at 4K

The first Chromecast from Google was rather ugly and insufficient. Nonetheless, at around $35, it was the cheapest way to turn your old and dumb TV smart. It could stream Netflix, YouTube Hulu and access Google Play without a problem. If you shunned it for its weaknesses, the Chromecasts Ultra is the all-powerful sibling that will definitely whet your appetite.

With  almost every other TV being 4K capable and streaming, Google had quite the competition to match up. The most notable things about the Chromecast Ultra is its support for 4K and high dynamic range (HDR) streaming.

Is the Chromecast Ultra Really that Good?

That’s the biggest question. Well, it sort of resembles the 2015 model and carries that circular shape with a short HDMI cable magnetically latches to the back. It’s what’s on the inside that makes it all that difference, something you can guess from the increased dimensions in comparison to its predecessor.

You will get the basic HDMI socket, a micro-USB port for power and a reset button. The power cord is a bit different this time round as it not only supplies more power (you can’t power the Chromecast Ultra from the TV USB port) and has an Ethernet port that improves your 4K streaming capabilities.

Google Managed to Keep it Similar to the 2015 Model

Despite the hardware improvements, Google still kept the installation and use the same. If you used the Chromecast 2015, you will find the Google Home app similar and the suggested apps  ranging from Netflix to NBC Sports and WatchESPN make the Chromecast Ultra straight out of the box customized for entertainment.

Once you have an app installed, tap on the Cast button when it appears on your device’s screen and the select the Chromecast Ultra to begin the process. You won’t have any trouble if your connection is fast enough but expect a couple of lags when streaming 4K on anything below 100Mbps.

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With the network taken care of, you won’t have any issues with load speeds and reliability. The Chromecast still uses your phone as the remote control. You won’t find this to be an issue unless you are interested in Amazon content. This might compare badly to the Roku and Amazon Fire TV those detach you from the smartphone with the dedicated remote control.


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