The Chromecast Audio – Upgrade Your Old Audio System the Easy Way

Most people with audio visual systems from way back when are now faced with the tough decision of having to upgrade to a better-connected system or bridging the gap with add-ons. The Chromecast Audio is the sister to the Chromecast Ultra, and it will turn your vintage home theater or stereo into a delight within no time.

The Chromecast Audio will work with virtually any audio equipment thanks to the 3.5mm jack. All you need is the already popular AUX jack and you are ready to go.

Your smartphone will be your remote control and you can even use voice commands to control your Chromecast.

Seamless Merging With Google Home

If you already have Google Home smart speakers with voice assistant or any other Google Cast compatible speakers, you can use the ‘OK Google, cast [song name] onto [speaker name] to play a specific tune through one of the many speakers in your house.

With the sub $40 Chromecast Audio, expensive devices like the Sonos Connect will now be obsolete. The Chromecast Audio gives you that budget wireless music adapter that will turn your old but powerful sound system into a modern unit hence saving you some more years before the ultimate update.

Setting Up is Simple

You will need the Google Home app (available on iOS and Android) to set up your Chromecast Audio. The procedure is as simple as naming the device and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.  Once you are done, You won’t really need the app anymore unless you are looking for compatible audio apps, grouping speakers or trying the Android exclusive Stream Audio feature.

Even though the apps for Apple Music and Amazon Music don’t currently support Chromecast Audio, you can still get snappy entertainment from tons of other apps, or straight from your Chrome browser using the Google Chromecast extension. Here is a list of all apps supported by the Chromecast.

Chromecast Audio Unboxing and Setup!

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