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Best 12 Volt Air Compressor to Buy for Your Car

A 12 Volt air compressor could save you when out in the middle of nowhere and you need to adjust car tire pressure. The notion of having to lumber to the next filling station is now a myth. Better 12 volt air compressor units are not only more reliable but also portable and easy to use. You can slip one into your car’s trunk and pull it whenever need there be.

Viair 45040 450C Air Compressor Kit

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  • 12 VOLT - 150PSI Max Working Pressure, engine must be running during use.
  • 1.66 CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI, 100% Duty Cycle at 100PSI & 72 degree ambient temperature
  • CFM @ 0 PSI - 1.66 / CFM @ 100 PSI - 0.94
  • 100 percent duty cycle
  • Kit includes 450C compressor, mounting hardware with vibration isolators, freeze-resistant wiring, remote mount air filter assembly, air line for remote mounting air filter, heavy duty terminals and more

I personally keep a Viair 45040 450C air compressor within close reach in case my tires decide to act up. Keeping your tire pressure within the recommend bracket means

  • Improved handling hence more driving safety
  • A comfortable ride
  • Improved fuel efficiency

Why the Viair 45040 450C Air Compressor

At just 12.75 x 4 x 7 inches, the Viair 45040 450C isn’t quite the mammoth. The 9.75 pounds weight makes it quite portable and easy to use. The compact size means that you can mount it on a big car or in a tight spot in your garage.

The 12 volt supply will generate 150 PSI at a 100% duty cycle. This means that you can almost contentiously without having to stop the compressor for a cool down. A no oil design on the compressor makes maintenance even simpler hence cutting down on the effort and time you need to get the compressor up and running.

The major con is you must have the car running during use or you will drain your battery before you’re done using the compressor. This isn’t much of a bother since low pressure on the tires doesn’t necessarily mean you are out of gas.

Your Viair 45040 450C air compressor will easily double up as a heavy duty compressor for your small workshop or a pick and go compressor thanks to its subtle balance between portability and power. It is a great bargain to anyone who wants a multipurpose compressor.


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