Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Review

Apple seems to be on a row with niche marketing. The latest release of the toned down Apple Watch Series 1 followed by the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ is testimony to this. The Series 2 Nike+ is more than your regular Apple Watch Series 2 smart wear. It is a smart watch on steroids, Nike steroids.

The Nike edition isn’t really something that will raise your eyebrow if you aren’t into Nike+ fitness tracking.

Basics Similar to Series 2’s

Your Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ has the same ultra-bright display, a GPS, the swim-proof design and it lets you run apps or make calls when connected to the iPhone. The size and shape is even similar to the Series 2.

The differences begin trickling in when you see the Nike+ Run Club app, the silicone two-tone strap and exclusive Nike watch faces.

What are the Extras on the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

The preloaded Nike+ Run Club app comes with exclusive Siri commands that make running or working out simpler. The app will also give you weather reminders and daily workout motivation that includes showing you when a friend runs more miles than you do.

Breathable two-tone silicone straps exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+. You can choose from black or silver with accents in yellow-green, white or gray.

Exlusive Nike watch faces, one digital and the other analog. You can personalize the faces with activity data, weather apps or the Nike+ Run Club.

It’s Otherwise a Flawless Series 2

The Series 2 Nike+  is still waterproof to 50 meters and has GPS and an optical heart-rate sensor, features you won’t find in the cheaper Series 1.

You can use 2GB of the onboard 8GB storage to carry your workout music while the smartphone will still make calls, respond to messages and let you see incoming notifications from your favorite apps.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Edition - Hands-On & Unboxing

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The Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ is a thoroughbred specific to fitness enthusiasts who are into Nike. It has its own glitches like the inability to control music from the Run Club app or difficulty when sensing sweaty fingers but it is still a worthy bargain for anyone who wants to be a bit different.

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