Apple Has a Software Alternative for Your iPhone 7’s home Button

Apple has notoriously stuck to a physical home button years after Android and Windows devices moved to a software-based home button. Guess this is their secrete way to driving their uniqueness and flair home with style. This could be on the way out with the iPhone 7 having provided a software based home button to backup the force-sensitive static home button.

The fact that the home button isn’t mechanical is great progress in itself. Hopefully, Apple will find a way to always make the force-sensitive button work.

What if the Home Key Fails?

Apple seems to have incorporated a piece of code within the OS that recursively checks the functionality of the new home button. If it realizes any malfunctions with the button, It will give you a prompt telling you to use the soft home button as you consider taking your phone for service.

The feature was discovered by accident when a user had a home button begin malfunctioning on the iPhone 7. The fact that Apple thought of the possibility and accommodated it in their code is quite commendable. It is a hint at sound production that results in an all-round device that will rarely turn useless at the slightest hint of trouble.

Rumor has it that apple is considering doing away with the home button. This could be a great idea since physical buttons create one of the greatest fail points in devices. Stripping any device to the bare minimum possible buttons is a great way to making it more structurally sound and resilient.

This force-sensitive home button failure isn’t something to be worried of. It isn’t a common phenomenon and would most definitely wouldn’t happen if you used your device responsibly. It could be a replication of the bend scare we had with the iPhone 6 plus. A fault that wouldn’t happen unless you recklessly handled your phone.


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